Health Warranty


This warranty is void unless 2nd Animal Hospital examines this puppy within four business days from purchase. During the initial exam, should the veterinarian diagnose any physical health problem that will require further veterinarian care, you may bring your puppy to 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital where all reasonable diagnostics and treatment will be at no cost to you. If the animal's health problems are debilitating or critical in nature this Petland retailer will offer you another companion animal in exchange, up to your original purchase price. 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital, whose findings will govern this warranty, must concur with any diagnosis. 


Should a veterinarian diagnose this puppy with Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, or Canine Influenza within the fourteen-days immediately following your purchase, you may bring your puppy to 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital where all reasonable diagnostics and treatment will be at no cost to you.


Should a veterinarian diagnose, within the first year of this puppy's life, a hereditary or congenital disorder that is interfering with this puppy's ability to lead a normal life, this Petland retailer will allow full credit of the original purchase price toward the purchase of another puppy of your choice or a refund of 50% of the purchase price. You must supply this Petland retailer with your veterinarians written report within fourteen days of diagnosis. 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital, whose findings will govern this warrantry, must concur with any diagnosis.


Puppies are not sold on a trial basis, and ALL PUPPY SALES ARE FINAL. There are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS. This limited warranty is neither an all risk life insurance policy nor short-term health insurance for your puppy. Petland will not reimburse or be responsible for any expenditure incurred at any veterinarian clinic other than the 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital. Medical treatment under this warranty applies to medical conditions clearly in effect before this puppy left this Petland store. Health conditions that develop after purchase which are not a result of the puppy's stay at Petland are not covered and are the customer's responsibility. For those puppies not under the care of 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital after purchase, it is the customer's responsibility to document that the condition existed at time of purchase and the puppy was under the continual care of a veterinarian for the condition in question. Fecal exams, vaccinations and wormings are not covered under this warranty. Costs for diagnostic procedures are not included under the 1-year warranty and are the responsibility of the customer.

This Petland retailer warranties this puppy to the original purchaser only; this warranty is void if the puppy is sold, traded or no longer in the possession of the original purchaser. There is no warranty expressed or implied for hypoglycemia, training or behavior problems, or for allergies either for the puppy or for people to the puppy. This puppy is provided solely for the purpose of a companion pet. There is no warranty expressed or implied that you will be able to use your pet for showing or breeding purposes. If your puppy is registerable, you should receive registration papers at time of purchase. Registration papers are provided as a courtesy. This retailer is not responsible for errors, omissions or misrepresentations by others. If you are eligible for credit towards another puppy, you must assign and return any registration documents that have been delivered to you. This warranty is intended to clarify yours as well as this Petland retailer's rights and responsibilities in the event there is a problem with your puppy. The initial examination and the timely submission of veterinarian reports are conditions precedent to the effectiveness of this limited warranty. The above constitute the entire warranties provided by this Petland retailer.

Purchasing a puppy should not be an impulsive decision, and it is our customers' responsibility to understand that they are making a decision for the lifetime of the puppy. This Petland store incurs considerable expense and risk when a puppy leaves our store. While we do not loan our puppies out we do understand that sometimes our customers decide that they have made a mistake in purchasing a puppy. If this customer decides within the first forty-eight (48) hours that he/she is unable to keep this puppy, the puppy may, at the sole discretion of the Store General Manager, be returned for a refund of the purchase price less a $500.00 cash administration fee.

Health Warranty