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Preparing Your Dog for the Hot Summer Months Ahead

Preparing Your Dog for the Hot Summer Months Ahead

May 20, 2022

With summer months only round the corner, it is important for you and your pet to prepare for these hot months. More accurately, for you to prepare your dog for summer ensure that they remain comfortable all through. 

Here are three tips to help make this happen: 

Prepare Their Coat for Summer 

Dogs adapt to various weather conditions easily, however, you could still aid this adaptation. Your pet’s coat helps them stay warm in winter and cool in summer. 

To help the cooking in summer, a major aspect is trimming their coat. It is advisable to go with a professional trimmer for this so that you don’t end up cutting it too short. 

A low trim could also help you note any skin infections or telling symptoms. 

Prepare the Garden for Summer 

If your pup loves to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you should be looking at creating a great space for them. You could create a shade using a screen or umbrella or putting up a tarp. 

Prepare mats or towels that would be wet when the sun is high up in the sky too. Be sure to ensure that the towels remain cool and wet. 


This is good advice for you and applies to your pet too. Pups usually require water a lot more frequently because they are more active and their bodies are unable to regulate well. 

The hot temperatures could cause dehydration and it is important to ensure that the water remains cool too. You could do this by adding ice to the water bowl as well as filling a clamshell or paddling pool with cool water. 


If you are going to have a seamless summer with your pup, then you need to prepare. These tips are vital ones that you can follow.